LaFosse Construction Company

What They Say

by steve Oubre, owner of architects southwest

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“As an architect, working on predominately large cultural architectural commissions along the Gulf Coast, it was obviously a difficult task, selecting a residential contractor, for my own personal residence.  I was looking for a company who would bring the same level of professionalism, which I have become dependant on in my field of work.  Looking back, I can now say that not only were my expectations met, but also that Lafosse Construction presented to my family, a heartfelt interest toward making our home a very special place. A place we have cherished and continue to look forward to years of shared happiness.”

- Steve Oubre, Owner of Architects Southwest


by Ronnie Foret, financial consultant

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“Renee and I had the good fortune of selecting Gayle Lafosse / Lafosse Construction to build our dream home in River Ranch.  The experience was even better than we had hoped for.  Gayle and the entire Lafosse organization were an absolute pleasure to deal with.  The project was completed to the highest quality of construction, on time, and on Budget.  We would highly recommend Gayle and Lafosse Construction to anyone wanting to build their special home, and would be proud to "show-off" our house to prospective clients.”

- Ronnie Foret, Financial Consultant